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Founded in 2019, Life in Filey is the premiere online destination of healthcare technology news, analysis and insights for healthcare executives, physicians and providers. We also promote healthy living to improve one’s quality of life. Our content provides editorial insights on maintaining good health on your sensory organs, population health management, digital health, telehealth, accountable care, patient engagement and startups. We aim to be the leading destination for forward-thinking healthcare business leaders and influencers.

No matter what it is about the field that catches your attention, if you spend your free time scrolling through what today’s sharpest healthcare pros are talking about on social media, you may want to consider expanding your reading list to the diverse and seemingly endless world of healthcare blogs. From technology, news and policy to administration, marketing and jobs, there are scores of sharp minds talking about the exact healthcare topics you’re interested in. It is our duty here in Life in Filey to make sure that it is one of the top choices you will go to when looking for something to refer to in the world of healthcare, lifestyle and wellness.