Top Ways to Talk to a Suicidal Friend

It is very true that every one of us had or presently have at least one friend in the group who is heavily depressed and also has a tendency of committing suicide at all points of time. All the other friends might be extremely worried about the friend with the suicidal behavior, but they are not sure about how to help that friend.

The best way is to talk to that friend, but at the same time, you need to exactly what you would be talking. In this type of situations, the suicide books could be of great help.

Make Them Feel That You are Worried

  • While you are talking to the depressed friend, make them feel that you are very much worried about them.
  • Many of the suicidal people do not actually understand the weight of the particular situation.

Ask if Have Consulted a Therapist

  • You need to talk to the suicidal friend and ask if they have taken the help of a therapist.
  • It is necessary to make them understand that consulting a therapist would be of great benefit in this case.


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