The pros & cons of virtual data rooms

Before going ahead with this article, you need to know this article reviews these data rooms, Firmex, Intralinks and Merrill Database.

Merrill Database

Let’s begin with Merrill Database which is one of the most popular brands in the brave world of technology meant for any person who needs to store and distribute the information. The fame that has become part of this virtual data room space could not be enjoyed by any other virtual data room provider.

It is more famous and useful than Intralinks despite some regard Intralink above all, but that’s not true. When it comes to large enterprises, the name of Merrill Datasite always comes first, so if you are on the hunt for the same, you are not supposed to look further anywhere else.


Since this article reviews these data rooms that are three in number, let’s take a look at the other one. So, let’s try to learn something about Firmex which is another popular brand controversially comes second, some analysts don’t agree with that numbering positions.

First off, the growing demand for Firmex can well be evaluated from the fact that it boasts 100, 000 users that are mostly big companies. There’s no need for the corporate firewall.

A large volume of highly confidential documents can be safely shared by the clients. On the top of that, 24/7 support is always waiting for you. What’s more, unlimited storage, access, and project are achievable without a hassle.


Though there’s no dearth of virtual data room providers this article reviews these data rooms that have already been stated above except for the third and last one, here you go with the last one. The third one is nothing else but your ever known Intralinks. It is best for those who are looking for the most established and the largest virtual data room player.

It was 1996 when the company started working on the project. Ever since that day, $28 trillion transactions have so far been hosted. The number of its customers is 90, 000. Are you undertaking large deals, this is made for you -simply because the large enterprise is fundamentally catered through the virtual data room. This never means that it is free of any pros and cons.